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An experience focused on building with personalized mentorship and opportunities to grow as a developer and student

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We have partnered with the world's best smart contracts solution, Avalanche. Come build industry relationships with Avalanche's engineers and uniquely position yourself for internships and full-time opportunities.

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Studio Fellows have a bias for shipping, we're looking for devs who are ready to hit the ground running on building.

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We help you solve those critical roadblocks. The Studio helps you find co-builders, mentors, and personalized support to turn your idea into code.

Collaborate with Web3's best developers.

Upgrade your programming journey and experience by working with tier-1 technologists and the future of blockchain engineering.

Fast-track your journey.

Skip the BS, we help you ship. Leave with a viable project and priceless experience, and maybe even more.


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Technical Mentors

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What is the time commitment as a Fellow?

We know your time as a student in Web3 is incredibly valuable; that's why we host efficient, productive, and goal-oriented meetings. We  estimate 1-2 hours per week if you truly want to take advantage of our resources and network to make the most of your experience.

How can I grow my online/social presence?

You may use our podcasting platform, record all online conversations, and grow your social presence if you choose. With the opportunity to talk with industry heavyweights about pressing topics, interest in your online account and discussions with skyrocket.

How much does it cost?

We don't take your money. It's free. The hard work you've put in to be a top-tier, ambitious student is costly enough.

Can you help me get a job?

One of the end goals of our fellowship is to solve the disconnect between education and employment. While this may not happen during the 3 months, we will work with you beyond to make sure it does.