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Grow your professional network and collaborate with like-minded students worldwide. In three productive and practical months, upgrade your network, strengthen your skills, and kickstart your career.

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Work hands-on with incredible individuals at leading Web3 companies! Be a sponge. Take advantage of these 1:1 relationships. Choose curiosity and expand your wealth of knowledge.
Connect with other fellows, mentors, and various industry heavyweights through online discussions on everything Web3. Want to grow your social presence? Record on our professional platform, and prove your passion to the world!
Obtain an entire expense-paid trip to  major Web3 conferences. Unite with other fellows and industry professionals in person, and speak on stage for our student panels.

Benefits that last

What you get from Spawn lives on with you way past the end date of the fellowship.


Utilize our local, in-person "Student x Industry" networking events throughout major U.S. cities to meet like-minded learners and local industry trailblazers.

Market Experience

Acquire first-hand industry experience in how Web3 companies design and implement large-scale products, working with engineers and developers.


Make use of our unique resources and extensive industry connections. Spawn's end goal is to solve the disconnect between education and employment.

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Meet the fellows

Apoorva Chintala
The University of Texas at Austin
Anish Maddipoti
The University of Texas at Austin
Zuhair Lakhani
University of Texas at Dallas
Tamara Szulc
Emory University
Evan Solomon
University of Michigan
Ronith Yalamanchili
Georgia Institute of Technology
Kevin Choe
University of Illinois UC
Gabriel Begazo
Matt Wong
University of Waterloo
Kevin Zhang
University of Illinois UC
Francesca Bercasio
Virginia Commonwealth
Matthew Krak
University of California San Diego


What is the time commitment as a Fellow?

We know your time as a student in Web3 is incredibly valuable; that's why we host efficient, productive, and goal-oriented meetings. We  estimate 1-2 hours per week if you truly want to take advantage of our resources and network to make the most of your experience.

How can I grow my online/social presence?

You may use our podcasting platform, record all online conversations, and grow your social presence if you choose. With the opportunity to talk with industry heavyweights about pressing topics, interest in your online account and discussions with skyrocket.

How much does it cost?

We don't take your money. It's free. The hard work you've put in to be a top-tier, ambitious student is costly enough.

Can you help me get a job?

One of the end goals of our fellowship is to solve the disconnect between education and employment. While this may not happen during the 3 months, we will work with you beyond to make sure it does.