Solving the disconnect between education and employment.

Top-tier, Web3-native students crave a professional network and meaningful social connections.

Young student talent has the readiness, inventiveness, and adeptness but may lack the proper network, connections, and resources to take their journey to the next level. Self-motivated, bright students lack a curated hub of high-quality, like-minded peers and mentors for collaboration and innovation.

Companies seek to tap into the great skill sets on campus, understanding the great resource these students can be.

Students are the future, and companies wanting to invest in the future currently don’t have a dependable means to employ, support, and mentor the next generation of founders and executives. Not only does high-talent Web3 recruiting remain unsolved and but the companies seeking youth traction and exposure also struggle to source these brilliant, motivated students and grow their brand on campus.




We Equip Companies with Exposure, Traction, and Talent. 📈

Students are pioneers with the time, energy, and aptitude to make a change in this world. As a company, there is no more impactful opportunity than supporting the education and success of future builders, leaders, and executives.

Wide Reach

70+ Blockchain Clubs

We have worked with the executive teams at blockchain clubs and universities around the world and have built our program accordingly. Experience your dream network and build lasting relationships with the future.

Top Partners

25+ Companies

Partnered with Web3's most outstanding, we work with leading industry heavyweights who are eager to support and interact with the best of Web3 students.

Unique Vision

One-of-a-kind execution

We are taking students from the space of education to real-life experiences and work. No more broad and general education. High-quality relationships, creative breakthroughs, and critical thinking only.

The Team

Our team is a group of college students, blockchain club leaders, and entrepreneurs who know exactly the social, creative, and professional outlet students in Web3 need.

Jake Levy
The University of Texas at Austin
Tony Ye
Founding Team Member
New York University
Fabio Ibanez
Founding Team Member
Stanford University
Zuhair Lakhani
Founding Team Member
The University of Texas at Dallas
Joseph Menillo
Strategic Operations
Brendan Streiff
Head of Strategy
Providence College
Arthur Rozenberg
Head of Community
James Madison University
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